Board of Trustees update

Published on Wednesday, 29 September 2021, 11:04 a.m. Print Article

Board of Trustees update 
At the Board’s meeting on 22nd September, we welcomed two new attendees - Gabrielle Wall (Limited Statutory Manager) and Talia Shadbolt as our new Board Secretary.
Mrs Florence shared her findings from her sabbatical in Term 2, where she visited a number of schools and early learning services to learn more about their play-based learning programmes. She’s looking forward to incorporating what she learned into our classes here at Hanmer Springs School.
We heard an update on the upcoming 125th celebration, and heard how much the children are enjoying the new multipurpose court after its recent opening.
Miss Robinson was congratulated for finding an alternative venue for the senior camp. Students will be able to have an exciting immersive urban experience, and this will be well supported by fundraising. More details will be provided once planning is complete.
The Board would like to acknowledge the recent generous donation by the Home and School. Their ongoing support makes a huge difference to our students’ learning.