The aspirations of our community for the learning, progress and achievement of children are reflected in our school curriculum and we continue to develop and extend the learning opportunities available to us.  

Our school community has worked with us to identify the  school values of the Hanmer Way to be modelled and explored.  These are; respect, integrity, belonging, resilience, perseverance, confidence and risk taking, healthy body and mind, excellence, environment and life long learning.   
Quality teaching, professional development and school goals are focussed on the learning and achievement of children. We have a close knit staff who believe in collaboration, supporting each other and ongoing improvement of best teaching practice. 
Our unique school is located in the middle of an alpine resort with fantastic views of the mountains which surround the Hanmer basin.  We cater for children from year 1 to year 8 preparing them for lifelong learning by providing a balanced curriculum. Our dedicated team of teachers, support staff and the board of trustees provide a positive and happy environment where children can learn in confidence.  We respect the individuality and help progress learning by ensuring our team identifies and caters for the wide variety of strengths, talents and learning needs children bring to school.  
Tuakana teina is highly evident throughout our school and all sizes, shapes and ages get along with one another, are supportive and work together. Children love being at school and involved in the learning opportunities it offers.

We welcome parents, caregivers and new members of the Hanmer Springs community.  Please come and visit us to find out more.

Bob Norrish
Acting Principal